Colours of Autumn ️

Colours of Autumn

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

We love this season. The colours of Autumn and the foliage on the trees. The harvests of wine and olive. Halloween fun, wool scarves, long sleeves and boots; walks in the woods and around the lakes… or in Michael’s and my case, just across the back lawn! 🙂

Feeling that first crisper breeze, and knowing that Summer is gone and Autumn looms… yes it is a shame to wave away the glorious hot months, but it’s sunny all year round in this part of the world and every season has its benefits!

Autumn has a particular beauty to it… the misty mornings, the clouds of birds twisting and turning in the sky, and the colours in particular. Here at Domaine de Palatz there is a feast of colour every way you look, and it is mesmerising. Right now the ivy on our the walls is gradually changing and all the other plants seem to have a shade of their own. The vineyards, now freed of their fruit, are all different tones of red, yellow and gold also.

Autumn heralds a transition into the colder, darker and more desolate winter months, and after the heat of the Mediterranean Summer there seems to be an explosion of new growth, with flowers and greenery bursting out of the ground – a final flurry of amazing activity before before the onset of Winter and warmer Spring sunshine.

Now that the season is over we are looking forward to a bit of downtime before we get stuck in with a long list of improvements and other maintenance work for 2016! As those of you who’ve visited will know – there’s plenty to keep us busy!



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